Knuckle Joint press BARNAUL KB8340

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Barnaul plant
Year of manufacture 1994
Capacity, ton 1000
Ram stroke, mm 170
Number of ram strokes per minute 32
Shut height, mm 470
Bolster plate-to-ram adjustment stroke, mm 16
Bed dimensions, mm 800 x 800
Bolster plate thickness, mm 140
Lower knockout:
-Stroke, mm 110
-Force, ton 32
Upper knockout:
-Stroke, mm 10
-Force, ton 10
Main drive motor power, kW 40
Table height above floor, mm 700
Press dimensions, mm 3060 x 1730 x 3830
Press weight, kg 25000

The press is designed for carrying out various cold pressing operations that require high specific pressures with short strokes: embossing, sizing, finishing, die forging and the like. In addition it can be used for carrying out cold extrusion of steel parts.

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