Heavy duty lathe GRIRO 5x20000/2

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by SC Griro SA (Romania)
Year of manufacture 1983
Max. workpiece diameter, mm 5000
Max. workpiece length, mm 20000
Revs obtained main shaft, rpm 0,5...5
Longitudinal feed, m/min 0,9...26,5
Cross feed, m/min 0,75...21
Max. loading weight, kg 90000
Main motor capacity, kW 80
Machine weight, kg 200000

This machine is welded construction, manufactured for outer turning of big cylinders of maximum 5000 mm diameter and 20000 mm length. It's main subassambles are: faceplate of 5000 mm to be fitted on the headstock; 2 carriages; tailstock; headstock;

Bed is complete with bedways for the travel of tailstock. It is equipped with 2 carriages situated alongside the bed but not linked to the bed. Each carrieage has longitudinal slide for a travel of each of about 3000 mm. The carrieages are fixed to speacial supports and which can be shifted with crane alongside the machine bed.

Machine is dismantled, located in our warehouse. Electrical part is missing. In case of requirement, second faceplate could be manufactured.

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