Wanted machine-tools

We are looking machine-tools mentioned below. If you have such machines for sale, please, send an offer with technical specifications, pictures, condition and price on FCA basis.

Please contact us by e-mail or fill the form.
Also feel free to make a call 00-370-618-15925 or send a fax 00-370-45-440761

Type Required technical specifications and models
Press brakes Any make; capacity 1500...2550 x 60...100 ton; CNC or conventional;
Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Drilling depth 1500 mm or more; Outer diameter 100...400 mm; Preferred manufacturer RYAZAN;     
SC 14CC; SC 27; SC 33; 1M533; 1525; 1L532; 1563; 1580;
Machining Center Deckel-Maho-Gildemeister DMC 63V or similar machines; Mikron VCP 600 or HPM 600;
Machining Center
DMU 65V or similar machines; Y.O.M. 2000 and newer;
Cold extrusion presses
160...1000 ton (models: KB0032, KB0034, KB0036, KB0038, KB0041B)
Knuckle joint presses
160...1600 ton (models: KB8334, KB8336, KB8338, KB8340, KB8342)
Trimming presses
400...1600 ton (models: KB2536, KB2538, KB2540, KB2542)
Hot forging presses 1000...4000 ton;
Cold forging presses Manufactured by Komatsu