CNC horizontal boring machine IVANOVO IR160 PMF4

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Ivanovo plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1984
CNC control: BOSCH Micro 8
Spindle diameter, mm 160
Spindle cone, GSOT 50
Table size, mm 1600 x 1800
Travel X axis, mm 2000
Travel Y axis, mm 1600
Travel W axis, mm 1600
Travel Z axis, mm 1000
Spindle turning speed range, rpm 5...1000
Max. table load, kg 8000
Milling head motor capacity, kW 26
Machine dimensions, mm 8200 x 5700 x 6050
Machine weight, kg 39000

Horizontal boring machine is fully complete and in good condition. It is under power.

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