CNC horizontal boring machine SKODA W160

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Skoda plant (Czech)
Year of manufacture 1970
Spindle diameter, mm 160
Spindle cone, metric 100
Max. spindle torque, kgcm 250000
Quill dimensions, mm 450 x 450
Travel X axis, mm 4000
Travel Y axis (travel of spindle headstock), mm 2500
Travel Z axis (drilling depth), mm 1600
Travel W axis (quill movement), mm 1250
Spindle turning speed range, rpm 2...800
Rapid feed of spindle and quill drilling, mm/min 1600
Rapid feed of column and headstock, mm/min 3200
Total power required, kW 140
Machine weight, kg 69000

The horizontal boring machine is equipped with CNC control Haidenhein 426 (3 axis). Machine-tool is under power and in nice condition.

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