Horizontal boring machine IVANOVO 2620

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Ivanovo(Russia)
Spindle diameter, mm 90
Max. boring diameter with spindle, mm 320
Max. drill diameter, mm 65
Table effective area, mm 900 x 1120
Max. table movement, mm 1000 x 1150
Table movement speed, mm/min 1,4...1110
Max. work piece weight, kg 2000
Spindle speed range, rpm 12,5...2000
Spindle horizontal movement, mm 710
Head-stock vertical movement, mm 1000
Main electric motor power, kW 10
Machine dimensions, mm 5510 x 3200 x 3012
Machine weight, kg 12000

HBM is in good and working condition. Machine-tool is still under power and can be inspected at any time.

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