Horizontal boring machine STANKO 2M614-1

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Charencavksij plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1983
Spindle diameter, mm 80
Spindle cone Morse 5
Table effective area, mm 900 x 1000
Max. work piece weight, kg 1900
Max. table movements (cross/longitudinal), mm/min 1000/1000
Table feeds, mm/min 1,26...2000
Rapid feed, mm/min 5000
Max. movement of spindle, mm 500
Max. vertical spindle movement, mm 800
Spindle speed range, rpm 20...1600
Spindle feeds, mm/min 2,9...2000
Main electric motor power, kW 6
Machine dimensions, mm 4330 x 2590 x 2585
Machine weight, kg 8500

Horizontal borer is in a very nice condition. It is fully complete, equipped with face plate and some tools.

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