Horizontal boring machine SVERDLOV 2A637GF1

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Sverdlov plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1985
Spindle diameter, mm 160
Table size, mm 1600 x 1800
Max. work piece weight, kg 10000
Table cross movement (X), mm 2000
Table longitudinal movement (W), mm 1600
Max. movement of spindle head (Y), mm 1600
Max. spindle horizontal movement (Z), mm 1000
Table round movement (B), degrees 360
Feeds of X/Y/Y/W axes, mm/min 2...2000
Rapid feed of X/Y/W axes, m/min 5
Rapid feed of Z axis, m/min 4
Spindle speed range, rpm 5...1000
Spindle feed range, mm/min 2...2000
Spindle head feed range, mm/min 2...2000
Total power required, kW 35,5
Machine dimensions, mm 5622 x 8160 x 5135
Machine weight, kg 33337

The horizontal boring machine is in excellent condition. It is equipped with HEIDENHAIN DRO, faceplate and some tools.

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