Horizontal boring machine UNION BFT 110/6

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Union (Germany)
Spindle diameter, mm 110
Max. drilling diameter, mm 630
Spindle cone, Metric 50
Table size, mm 1250 x 1400
Travel X axis, mm 1940
Travel Y axis, mm 1250
Travel W axis, mm 800
Travel Z axis, mm 1240
Travel U axis, mm 250
Table rotation, degrees 360
Table positioning, optical, degrees 4x90
Table load, kg 6300
Spindle speeds, rpm 5,6...1120
Feed of X axis, mm/min 5...2000
Feed of Y axis, mm/min 5...2000
Feed of Z axis, mm/min 2...2000
Rapid feed of X axis, mm/min 6300
Rapid feed of Y axis, mm/min 6300
Rapid feed of Z axis, mm/min 4000
Main motor capacity, kW 15
Power required, kW 40
Machine weight, kg 27700

The HBM is in excellent condition. Machine is fully complete. It is equipped with swivel box table, milling heads, faceplate, tail-stock and tools. The angle table which is  visible in the picture is not included.

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