Forging hammer KALININ M4140A

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Kalinin plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture app. 1991
Nominal weight of falling parts, kg 1000
Energy of impact, Kj 30
The greatest number of impacts in a minute, 103
Ram axis-to-frame distance, mm 800
Working zone daylight, mm 750
Die impression size, mm 360 x 140
Lower die impression-to-floor distance, mm 750
Optimum workpiece cross-sectional dimensions, mm:
- square 160
- rounded 180
Main electric motor power, kW 75
Machine dimensions, mm 4400 x 1780 x 3570
Weight of a hammer, kg 23000
Weight of a an anvil-block, kg 14000

This hammer is in excellent condition. It is complete and under power at the moment. Immediate delivery.

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