Open die forging hammer VORONEZH M1340

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Voronezh plant(Russia)
Impact energy, kj 25
Nominal mass of drop parts, kg 1000
Max. number of blows per minute 63
Distance clear between columns, mm 1800
Working zone daylight, mm 450
Bottom die impression-to-floor distance, mm 750
Die impression size, mm 410 x 230
Steam pressure, MPa 0,7...0,9
Compressed air pressure, MPa 0,6...0,8
Hammer dimensions, mm 3910 х 1400
Hammer height above floor level, mm 5145
Weight of the hammer without anvil block, kg 13000
Anvil block weight, kg 15000

Hammer is designed for carrying out various forging operations by smith forging on flat dies.
Arch - type hammer is in excellent condition. There are no welded parts or cracks on the body.

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