Gear shaping machine KLIN 5M150

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Klin (Russia)
Max. work piece diameter, mm 800
Module 12
Max. gear diameter, mm 800
Table diameter, mm 800
Max. gear width, mm 160
Outer gearing, mm 800
Distance between table surface and spindle, mm 155...355
Max. spindle stroke, mm 200
Spindle double strokes range, spm 33...212
Distance between table axis and spindle axis, mm 0...700
Table turning speed, rpm 1,7
Main drive power, kW 10
Machine overall dimensions, mm 3151 x 1780 x 3300
Machine weight, kg 10200

Gear shaper is in good condition. Machine-tool is fully complete and equipped with set of change gears.

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