Straight bevel gear generator SARATOV 5C276P

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Saratov plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1988
Max. work piece diameter, mm 500
Module of gears 10
Max. width of ring gear, mm 80
Number of wheel teeth 5...150
Min. angle of dividing cone (pitch), degrees 5
Distance between spindle and machine center, mm:
- max. (stock angle 5 degrees) 375
- min. (stock angle 90 degree) 75
Table diversion to edge, mm 100
Max. stroke, mm 100
Double strokes per minute 48...400
Cycle time, s 10...125
Main motor capacity, kW 4
Machine dimensions, mm 2885 x 2570 x 1995
Machine weight, kg 8750

Streight bevel gear shaping machine is in excellent condition. Machine-tool is under power. Equipped with set of change gears.

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