CNC roll grinding machine HERKULES WS 450-12

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Herkules (Germany)
Year of manufacture 1992/2003
Grinding diameter, mm 1000
Min. grinding diameter, mm 0
Grinding length, mm 4000
Grinding support movement (X axis), mm 252
Work piece weight, kg 12000
Grinding wheel, mm 750 x 304,8 x 75
Cutting speed, m/s 45
Grinding wheel rotation (750 mm diam.), rpm 400...1146
Grinding wheel rotation (716 mm diam.), rpm 400...1200
Head-stock speed, rpm 10...70
Grinding carriage speeds (Z axis), mm/min 60...4000
Grinding support feed at reverse(C axis), mm 0,001...0,009
Wet grinding device, l 5000
Floor space required, m2 13 x 5,5
Total power required, kW 100

CNC roll grinder is in excellent condition. It was modernized by Herkules in 2003. They changed CNC control to BeackHoff + PC (Windows 2000, TwinCat). Also the motors were changed to servo Siemens to increase the power.

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