Spline grinding machine MSZ 3451G

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by MSZ (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1977
Height of centers, mm 180
Distance between centers, mm 2000
Distance from spindle axis to centers line, mm 32...182
Diameter of processed workpieces, mm 25...125
Length of processed workpiece, mm 200...2000
Max. length of splines, mm 1850
Table size, mm 2800 x 250
Table longitudinal movement, mm 200 x 2120
Grinding head vertical movement, mm 150
Grinding head cross movement, mm 25
Grinding wheel, mm:
- Outer diameter 90
- Inner diameter 32 / 76
- Max. width 32
Range of table travel speeds, m/min 1...15
Wheel speeds, rpm 2880, 4550, 6300
Grinding number of splines: 3...48
Motors installed: 3 + 3 + 0.27 kW
Machine dimensions, mm 5250 x 1513 x 1900
Machine weight, kg 6820

Machine-tools of model 3451G are intended for grinding straight-sided, triangular spline shafts and also for grinding of lateral sides of involute spline shafts on the radius approached to an involute.

Machine is in nice and working condition.

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