Slideway grinding machine WMW SXZ 2500x1600x9000/5

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by WMW Heckert (Germany)
Year of manufacture 1977
Max. grinding length, mm 8000
Grinding width, mm 2500
Grinding height, mm 1600
Distance between columns, mm 3000
Height of passage, mm 1725
Height above floor level, mm 1075
Peripheral support:
Grinding wheel dimensions, mm 630 x 180 x 305
Grinding wheel rotation speed, rpm 960
Required power, kW 22
Table cylinder length, mm 10180
Piston diameter, mm 125
Speed, m/min 1...50
Oil consumption, l/min 400
Power required, kW 154
Machine dimensions, mm 11020 x 6250 x 22650
Weight of machine, kg 125000

This grinding  machine is in a very nice condition. Machine-tool is fully complete and could be prepared for immediate delivery.

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