CNC heavy screw-cutting lathe KRAMATORSK 1M660F2

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Kramatorsk plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1985
Max. work piece diameter, mm 1250
Min. work piece diameter in the jaws, mm 160
Max. work piece diameter above support, mm 900
Faceplate diameter, mm 1250
Max. work piece length, mm 12000
Max. work piece weight, kg 25000
-metric: 1...96
-inch: 20...3/8
Spindle speed range, rpm 1,6...200
Rapid support movement, m/min 4
Tailstock quill diameter, mm 260
Tailstock quill travel, mm 260
Rapid tailstock movement, mm/min 3380
Main motor power, kW 110
Total power required, kw 128
Machine dimensions, mm 16800 x 3000 x 2120
Machine weight, kg 46250

HDL is in a very nice condition. Machine-tool is fully complete. All slides are clean and in excellent state. Kramatorsk lathe is equipped with steady rest and lunettes.

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