Special heavy duty lathe KRAMATORSK KJ 16100

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Kramatorsk plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1984
Max. work piece diameter, mm 2500
Max. work piece diameter above support, mm 2100
Face plate diameter, mm 1250
Max. work piece length, mm 3850
Max. work piece weight, kg 16000
Spindle speed range, rpm 1...252
Spindle opening diameter, mm 100 x 75°
Spindle taper, mm 100 x 1÷7
Number of feed steps: 4
Traverse movement speed range, mm/min 0.925...925
Cross movement speed range, mm/min 0.462...462,5
Support movements, mm:
- longitudinal 3000
- cross 820
Metric threading steps range, mm 1...6
Rapid feed, m/min 2,6
Copying depth, mm 500
Copying accuracy, mm 0,2
Tailstock movement speed, m/min 2,26
Tailstock quill travel, mm 300
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Main motor power, kW 60
Machine dimensions, mm 8650 x 3020 x 2570
Machine weight, kg 34980
Machine weight with electrical part, kg 37480

Heavy duty screw copy lathe is in nice condition. Machine is complete, slides are clean, gear box is in good condition.

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