Vertical turning lathe KOLOMNA KU 518

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Kolomna(Russia)
Year of manufacture 1991
Max. turning diameter, mm 3200
Faceplate diameter, mm 3200
Max. turning height, mm 2000
Max. workpiece weight, kg 50000
Number of tool slides 2
Movement of vertical supports, mm:
- Vertical 1250
- Horizontal 1720
Support movement per limb, mm:
- upper right turning 1250
- upper left compound 1250
Feeding, mm/min 0,059...470
Rapid feed, mm/min 2715
Face plate rotation speed, rpm 0,66...62,1
Main drive power, kw 70
Machine dimensions, mm 5100 x 9300 x 7200
machine height above floor level, mm 6080
Machine weight, kg 95400

It is anologue of the VTL 1532T. Heavy duty vertical lathe is in a very nice and accurate condition. Machine-tool is fully complete and under power. Slides are clean, there are no cracks on the frame.

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