Universal milling machine WMW FUW 315/III

TECHNICAL DETAILS Year of manufacture 1984
Manufactured by WMW (Germany)
Table size, mm 400 x 710
Number of T-slots: 8
X-axis movement, mm 500
Y-Axis movement, mm 280
Z-Axis movement, mm 430
Spindle taper ISO: 40
Spindle turning speeds (stepless), rpm 35...1800
Counter support slide manually adjustable, mm 440
Distance from middle of the horizontal spindle to upper edge of the table, mm 70/40
Distance from middle of the horizontal spindle to bottom edge, mm 69
Feeds, mm/min:
- longitudinal 6,3...1250
- continuously adjustable cross feed 6,3...1250
- continuously adjustable upright feed 3,15...625
- continuously adjustable. fast motion 1250
Total power required, 7,4
Machine weight, kg 1800
Space required, mm 2850 x 2200 x 2300

Universal mill is in a very nice mechanical condition. There is required overhaul of electrical part.

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