CNC pipe bending machine ERCOLINA EB76CNC3

TECHNICAL DETAILS Year of manufacture 2008
Manufactured by Ercolina (Italy)
Programmable axis: 3
Round tube, mm 76,2 x 3,2
Stainless steel tube, mm 76,2 x 2,2
Cooper, aluminum tubes, mm 76,2 x 5,5
Square tube, mm 70 x 70 x 3
Rectangular tube, mm 76,2 x 50 x 4
Max. shaft rotation, degrees 210°
Bend angle, degrees 0°... 185°
Path through mandrel chuck, mm Ø81
Bending radius: 1,5 x pipe Ø
Max. bending radius, mm 300
Max. pipe length, mm 6000
Total power required, kW 20
Dimensions, mm 7100 x 1055 х 1480
Weight, kg 2200

CNC pipe bending machine has robust design which enable bending of tubes up to 76 mm with radius 1,5 of otter tube diameter.
CNC pipe bending machine is in good condition. Machine is under power. It is equipped with some tools: 60,3 x R120; 40 x R80; 76,1 x R160; some dorns and supports.

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