Die sinking machine CHARMILLES ROBOFORM 30

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Charmilles Technologies (Switzerland)
Year of manufacture 1997
Table dimensions, mm 500 x 400
Table load, kg 500
Movement of X axis, mm 350
Movement of Y axis, mm 250
Movement of Z axis, mm 300
Maximum speed, mm/min 900
Work tank dimensions, mm 370 x 940 x 590
Tank capacity, l 200
Dielectric min/ma level, mm 100...350
Machine dimensions, mm 2050 x 1800 x 1550
Machine weight, kg 1950

Die sinking machine is fully complete and still under power.

It is equipped with Erowa ITS 100 clamping device. Also it has polishing function.

Machine has 37500 working hours. Condition is veyr good. However, Z axis has deviation of 0.05 mm in 100 mm.

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