Duct seaming machine RAS 22.81

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufatured by RAS (Germany)
Year of manufacture 2000
Capacity (mild steel), mm 1,0
Channel dimensions, mm 80 x 80 / 100 x 100 / 160 x 160
Rolling speed, m/min 15
In-feed table length, mm 1300
out-feed table length, mm 1600
Motor capacity, kW 3,0
Machine dimensions, mm 6390 x 600 x 965
Machine weight, kg 650

The RAS Duct seamer 22.81 produces longitudinal seams along the edges of square or rectangular cross-section ducts. This duct seaming machine has 15 roller shafts which are equipped with seaming rollers, and nine further intermediate rollers are located in an overhead seaming bar. The RAS 22.81 is a very simple and reliable machine that can be easily operated by one person.

Machine tools is in working condition.

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