Waterjet PTV WJ3030B-1Z

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by PTV (Czech)
Year of manufacture 2003-2017
Digital servo amplifier: Kollmorgen Servostar 600
Cutting capacity range, mm 1...200
Pressure, bar 4137
Diamond head, inch 0,013
Positioning accuracy, mm +/- 0,15
Repeatability, mm +/- 0,1
Max. working speed, mm/min 20000
Range of working accelerations, m/s 0,01...0,5
Z-axis elevation, mm 200
Qty of Z supports: 1
Max. Z support load, kg 5
Portal width, mm 3000
Table length, mm 3000
Working height, mm 800
Machine weight, kg 3200

PTV waterjet cutting system is overhauled. In general, old frame is left and the rest are new or overhauled.

There are installed new slides, racks, gears and bearings . Also new high pressure and electical cables. All seals are new.

Pump, reducer, main motor of 37 kW, flush valve are overhauled.

Machine is equipped with new diamond head and high pressure monometer.

Waterjet of this series is reliable machines with low cost explotation and inexpencive servise.

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