Cold extrusion press STANKO AC 5100

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Stankostroitel (Russia)
Year of manufacture app. 2004
Capacity, ton 400
Stroke, mm 230
Strokes per minute 25
Stroke path till its position where it develops nominal capacity, mm 36
Shut height, mm 750
Bolster plate-to-ram adjustment, mm 16
Table size, mm 1250 x 1000
Ejector travel, mm 140
Ejector capacity, ton 50
Ram ejector travel, mm 16
Ram ejector capacity, ton 16
Bolster plate thickness, mm 160
Press dimensions, mm 2270 x 2600 x 4750
Press weight, kg app. 37450

The press is designed for cold extrusion of steel parts and non-ferrous metals and for carrying out cut-off operations.

The press is in excellent condition.

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