Hot forging press KRAMATORSK K8548B

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Kramatorsk (Russia)
Capacity, ton 6300
Table dimensions, mm 1900 x 1950
Ram dimensions, mm 1680 x 1680
Ram stroke, mm 460
Number of strokes per minute 40
Shut height, mm 1150
Side windows size, mm 1100 x 1000
Table-to-ram adjustment, mm 15
Distance between columns, mm 1950
Table height above floor, mm 450
Upper knockout stroke, mm 30, 65, 80, 100, 125
Upper knockout capacity, ton 10
Lower knockout stroke, mm 150
Lower knockout capacity, ton 16
Main motor power, kW 400
Voltage, V 6000
Overall press dimensions, mm 8870 x 6350 x 11830
Press height above floor level, mm 9500
Press weight, kg app. 640000

The press is in good and working condition.

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