Hydraulic drawing press LITOSTROJ HVO-2-630

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Litostroj (Slovenia)
Year of manufacture 1990
Adjustable capacity, ton 63...630
Ram stroke, mm 1000
Daylight, mm 1600
Ram downward movement, mm/s 250
Ram upward movement, mm/s 250
Ram movement, mm/s 25...3
Die setting movement, mm/s 10...1
Cushion movement, mm/s 40
Table size, mm 2500 x 1600
Ram size, mm 2500 x 1600
Cushion size, mm 1850 x 1250
Adjustable cushion capacity, ton 25...250
Cushion stroke, mm 500
Hydraulic oil, l 3200
Main engine power, kW 110
Electric supply, VxHz 3x380/220x50
Press dimensions, mm 4200 x 2200 x 7000
Press weight, kg 63000

Hydraulic double action drawing press is in a nice condition.

Press is equipped with moving bolster (side moving).

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