High speed press ZTS A2-200/360

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by ZTS Kosice (Czechoslovakia) (licensed by Schuler)
Year of manufacture 1990
Capacity, ton 200
Distance between columns, mm 1450
Table size, mm 1350 x 1100
Slider size, mm 1250 x 900
Slider travel, mm 30
Distance between slider and table, mm 400
Table thickness, mm 180
Table slot, mm 1160 x 360
Number of traverse in slider 4
Cushion travel, mm 4
Cushion capacity, ton 20
Max. work piece thickness, mm 0.5
Strokes per minute 100...350
Main drive power, kW 30
Weight of the press, kg 41000 (without accessories)

Feeder and straightener technical specifications:
Max. strip width, mm 360
Max. inner diameter coil strip, mm 1200
Inner range of strip diameter, mm 500...610
Max. strip thickness, mm 0.5
Travel of upper rolls, mm 6
Max. coil weight, kg 3000
Unroll speed of coil, m/min 0.1...60
Motor, kW 3
Weight, kg 2200

Automatic sheet stamping press is in a good condition. It is complete in all aspects and can be inspected at any time.


  • Uncoiler A2 HR 360-2
  • Feeding device W8-250
  • Shearing device AS 3 250
  • Stacking device SV 4


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