Mechanical press PKZZ I 800

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Erfurt (Germany)
Year of manufacture 1984
Capacity, ton 800
Centers of pressure 2
Idle stroke rate 14
Distance between the uprights, mm 3150
Shut height, mm 1050
Table dimensions, mm 3150 x 1600
Height from the floor to the top of the table, mm 600
Ram dimensions, mm 3100 x 1600
Ram stroke, mm 500
Ram adjustment, mm 500
Die cushion capacity, ton 160
Die cushion stroke, mm 200
Main motor power, kW 90
Press height above the floor, mm 8430
Press weight, kg 175000

Double crank sheet metal stamping press is intended for cold forming of sheet specified for drawing, bending and cutting parts, for instance: coverings, door, parts of the car body and so on.

The press is complete and in good condition.

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