Single-crank double action press TMP KA5538

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by TMP Voronezh (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1985
Drawing slide capacity, ton 630
Rated distance of slide above bottom, mm 16
Ram stroke, mm 800
Shut height, mm 900
Ram dimensions, mm 1000 x 1000
Blankholder nominal capacity, ton 400
Rated distance of blankholder above bottom, mm 6
Blankholder stroke, mm 500
Blankholder shut height, mm 780
Blankholder dimensions, mm 1600 x 1600
Continuous run frequency, min-1 9...14
Slides single strokes max. frequency, min-1 10,5
Shut height adjustment,mm 250
Bolster plate dimensions, mm 1600 x 1600
Main drive electric motor power, kW 90
Press dimensions, mm 7270 x 5125
Height above floor level, mm 8080
Press weight, kg 115000

This press is intended for production of stamped symmetric items or hollow parts with a similar configuration from sheets using deep drawing operations with blank clamping.

The press is in excellent mechanical condition. Electrical cabinet is not complete.

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