Trimming press VORONEZH KB2536

TECHNICAL DETAILS Manufactured by Voronezh plant (Russia)
Year of manufacture 1988
Capacity, ton 400
Slider stroke, mm 250
Slider strokes, spm 25
Shut height, mm 670
Distance adjustment between table and slider, mm 160
Slider size, mm 800 x 800
Table size, mm 1000 x 1000
Table gap size, mm 630 x 630
Bolster plate thickness, mm 160
Table height above floor, mm 660
Max. stamp weight fixed on the slider, kg 1000
Cushion stroke, mm 160
Main power drive, kW 40
Voltage, V 340
Machine dimensions, mm 3470 x 3140 x 5940
Machine weight, kg 36500

The press is in good condition. It is complete in all aspects.

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