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Universal lathe STANKO 16K20

The lathe is in good condition. Machine-tool is under power. Accuracy of the part – length 250 mm, accuracy 0,02.

Gearbox: replacement of driveshaft gears, replacement of driveshaft bearings, repair of the lubrication system, maintenance of the hydraulic pump, new V-belts, new lathe chuck.
Repair of the apron, repair of screws in the holder, new support screws of the holder.
New cross feed screw with nut, new longitudinal feed screw with nut (upper carriage)
New lamp, new cooling system.
New oil.

Manufactured by

Stanko (Russia)

Work piece diameter, mm


Work piece length, mm


Spindle rotation speed, rpm

12,5 – 1600

Spindle bore diameter, mm


Metric threading, mm

0,5 – 112

Inch threading, thread/inch


Module threading, module


Pitch threading, diametral pitch

56 – 0,5

Motor capacity, kW


Machine weight, kg


Machine dimensions, mm

2795 x 1240 x 1500